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Grass Fed Bison Meat

Grass Fed Bison Meat

Committed to excellence, Star B Ranch offers only grass fed Bison meat. Believed to be the best red meat available, health care professionals recommend grass fed meat to their patients as a highly nutritious source of Omega 3's, protein, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Star B Ranch Grass Fed Bison Meat is free of antibiotics, growth stimulants, GMO grains and additives. Strict grass fed industry guidelines are followed to guarantee all Bison are treated humanely and never held in feed lots. Star B Ranch is affiliated with a cooperative of committed grass fed Bison producers in the Mid-West where Bison roam free on abundant native prairie grasslands.

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Bison Consulting

Bison Consulting

Ken Childs has managed the family Bison ranch for 35 years. As founder and past President of the Western Bison Association as well as having spoken at numerous Bison conferences, he believes this experience is best shared with potential customers who would like to raise Bison on their own ranches: Getting good advice prior to starting a Bison ranch can save money and ensure the successful management of raising your own Bison.

Star B Ranch offers a consulting service to teach you all that is necessary to safely raise Bison, including the proper fencing and corral techniques, feed and nutrition for healthy Bison, as well as safety issues unique to Bison. Please call for further information about Bison consulting and pricing.

Bison Tours & By-Products

Bison Tours & By-Products

Bison Tours
At Star B Bison Ranch and Hops Farm, in the mountains of San Diego County, we offer Bison Tours to get an up close and personal view of our herd. By appointment only, we'll take you on a tour in a personal vehicle where you can take pictures of the herd and see them freely roam. Give us a call today to schedule a Tour.

Bison By-Products
With respect for the Native American culture and the history related to the American Buffalo, we at Star B Ranch embrace the many various ways tribes used Buffalo for food, tools, clothing, and shelter. We offer many Buffalo by-products, such as beautiful robes, raw hides, skulls and bones.

Information on Bison Products

Information on Bison Products

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Where to Find Star B Meats
Don’s Market in Santa Ysabel.

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Star B Bison Ranch and Hops Farm is Southern California's first and largest commercial hop farm. Star B is the source of locally grown premium wet hops for San Diego Craft Breweries. Hops are one of the primary ingredients in beer brewing, along with malted barley, yeast, and water. Hops contain many essential oils which contribute Aroma, Flavor, and Bitterness to balance the sweetness of the malt. Hops also provide antiseptic preservative qualities to finished beer. Like seasonings, there are dozens of varieties of hops to enhance the flavor of their brews. Star B Ranch currently offers Cascade and Nugget hops and is planting Chinook and Crystal in 2014, as well as ongoing variety trials to determine suitable varieties in our region. Traditionally, hops were measured by Alpha Acid (bittering potential) and aroma. Current trends in brewing have led to an awareness of the aroma and flavor contributions, as hops have become the highlight of many beer styles.

Star B Ranch strives to grow and produce hops that will add something special to your beer. We offer freshly harvested Wet Hops that go straight to your brewery post-harvest. Harvest times are at the end of July to the beginning of August. Call us today to reserve your wet hops!

Hops Harvesting & Consulting

Hops Harvesting & Consulting

Through experience we have learned that, although picking hops by hand is a fun experience, it can become tedious and time consuming. It also made it difficult to provide larger quantities fast enough for some customers. Our commitment to provide the best service and products led us to invest into a German engineered and built, Wolf Hop Harvester. These machines are proven and trusted by many hop farmers throughout Europe, and now are now helping smaller U.S. hop farmers as well. Our Wolf Hop Harvester will also allow us to process our hops much more quickly, allowing us to fill larger orders of fresh picked hops.

Wet Hops Available Only During Harvest Time - End of July to Beginning of August. Limited Supply - Call to Reserve!

Give us call today if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

About Star B Bison Ranch and Hop Farm

Established in 1979, Star B Bison Ranch and Hop Farm in Ramona, CA is one of the most recognized Bison ranches in the nation, selling top quality Bison breeding stock and producing 100% grass fed Bison meat. Star B Ranch is also Southern California's first and largest commercial hop farm, providing the growing craft brewery industry with San Diego grown hops. For over 35 years and spanning four generations, the Star B Ranch family has been committed to responsible stewardship of the 1200 acre property and we warmly welcome you to our website.

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Award-Winning Bison
In 1989, Star B Ranch won the coveted Grand Champion Trophy from the National Bison Association's Gold Trophy Show and Sale in Denver, Colorado. Judged the best two year old Bison Bull in the nation, Star B Ranch has continued to invest in top quality breeding stock offering some of the best Bison on the market in the Western United States.

Our History
When the Boeckmann family acquired the 1050 acre property in 1979, they were challenged with creating an agribusiness that would offset the operating costs as well as develop the ranch as a family retreat. The task was given to his daughter, Denice, and her husband, Ken, who had already moved onto the ranch along with their children. With extensive research into horses, cattle, farming, and exotic animals; they decided that American Bison offered great opportunity for the family to get involved with a new and growing industry and to promote the healthy qualities of Buffalo meat. The history of the American Buffalo is a great attraction and with many people having interest in leaner and better quality meats, the choice to start a Buffalo ranch turned out to be an excellent idea!

Both being native Southern California baby boomers, Ken and Denice had a lot to learn about Buffalo ranching and the Buffalo meat business. In 1980, Star B Buffalo Ranch was started. Ken and Denice built the business into one of the most recognized Buffalo ranches in the nation.

The ranch has grown to 1200 acres and in 2008 their daughter Amie became a part of the ranch management team, decided to expand the ranching activities and to start a hop farm to supply the growing Southern California craft brewing business with locally grown hops. Currently, Star B Hop Farm is the largest commercial hop farm in San Diego County and is continually expanding to accommodate a growing demand for "San Diego Grown" hops.

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